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Latest news on the happenings of Emerson Drive


Last One Standing moved up one spot to #19 for week ending 5/21/04!!

Last One Standing held at #20 on the R&R chart for week ending 5/14/04.

Look for the guys in the current issue of Country Weekly.  There is a really cute picture and a very brief mention in the article about bands.  Get your copy today!

Last One Standing moved up to #20 on the R&R chart for week ending 5/7/04!  Let's keep this song moving right up to number 1!

Last One Standing moved up to #23 on the Radio and Records chart for this week!

Last One Standing dropped one spot to #27 for w/e 4/16/04.  We've got to get it moving back up the charts for next week.

Last One Standing is sitting at #26 this week on the R&R chart.

Last One Standing has jumped up to the 27th spot on the R&R chart for w/e 4/2/04!!!! 

Do you have the new Country Weekly yet?  If not, run out and get it.  The guys have an article about LOS in there and they are also featured in the Swinging Singles article.  This issue is a must for and ED fan. lol It's the issue with the Georges on there, Strait and Bush.

Last One Standing has moved up one more spot for this week.  Let's get it into the top 30 next week. 

Looks like What If has been pushed back until June 29th!!!! How sad that we have to wait 6 more weeks for the album.  That'll make it more than two years since the debut album.

Due to Shania's European tour starting late, her US tour will also begin late, so make sure you check with your venue before you go to any shows.  I have tried to update the tour page as best as possible, but there may be some inaccuracies.

VCR Alert!!  Watch Emerson Drive on CRL on Tues 3/23 at 5 and 9 EST.  HMMM wonder why it's called  Country Request LIVE if it's not really live at all???  Oh how my mind does wander... lol  Anyway on the same day you can catch them on GAC from 10-10:30 PM EST on Country Across America. Check out to see when CAA where re-air throughout the week.

For w/e 3/19, LOS moved up another spot to #32 on the R&R chart.  It also moved up one spot to #16 on GAC's Top 20.  

If you live in the Nashville area or even if you don't and you are up for a road trip, go check out Brad playing basketball with Vince Gill and other celebrities tomorrow night.  The rest of the guys will  be there for an accoustic performance after the game! 

Last One Standing moved up to #33 on this weeks R&R chart.  It is #17 on GAC's Top 20.

LOS moved up one spot this week to #35 on the R&R chart!

Did you hear the guys on the Opry over the weekend?  If not you can listen at  Go to archives and then pick the 2/28 show and go to 5:18.  The guys played November and Last One Standing and sounded great.  All you Danick fans really need to check it out as you could really hear his vocals shining through and he sounded great! 

LOS stayed at #19 this week on GAC's Top Twenty Countdown. Don't forget to watch Grand Ole Opry Live on GAC tomorrow night where I'm sure the guys will be playing Last One Standing for us!  Don't have GAC?  Listen live at

LOS moved back up one spot to #36 on R&R for this week!

Last One Standing slid back two spots on GAC's Top Twenty Countdown for this week. Get over there and put in your request.  Let's get the video moving up. 

Look for Emerson Drive to perform on the Saturday night Opry next week, 2/28/04.  Tickets to the show are still available at .  I believe their portion will be televised on GAC or you can listen live at

Well, we have some great news to share with all you ED fans today.  The release date for What If has been officially moved up to May 18!!!!!!! That's almost an entire month sooner than expected.

LOS dropped one spot this week on the Radio and Records chart.  Keep calling and requesting the song.  We all know it's better than it's current chart position of #37.

Last One Standing dropped 3 spots to #17 on GAC's Top Twenty Countdown for last week.  Make sure you go to and request the song.  Let's get it moving back in the right direction.

Last One Standing is doing quite well. It has already moved up to #36 on The Radio and Records chart.  That's up five spots from last week! Let's keep it moving all the way to the top.  It's sitting at #37 on Billboard for this week.  Call your local stations and let them know you want to hear the song. Also, don't forget to let GAC and CMT know that you want to see LOS being played.  

Well, it's finally here!!! Tho the official launch date isn't until 2-14, is now up and running.  Check it out today if you haven't already.  If you're not a fanclub member you might want to join, cuz there is alot of cool interactive stuff just for fan club members.  If you want to join, it's easy, just go here for the information.

I got my copy of the single today at FYE for $4.49.  They had lots of copies, so check out your local FYE today.

Last One Standing officially hit radio last Tues so make sure you are calling and requesting it.  Let's all let our radio stations know that we want to hear some new Emerson Drive music on the airwaves.  Also, get out there and pick up the commercial single, which was due in stores today!  I haven't found my copy yet around here, but I will let ya know where I find it when I do.

Did you make  New Year's Resolutions this year?  Well, the guys of Emerson Drive did and here they are:
Brad wants to cut down on his cell phone bill.
Pat wants to practice his bass more (not that he needs it ;-) ) and sell lots of copies of "What If".
Dave wants to drink less coffee.
Danick wants to lose weight, stay healthy and give us fans a great album.
Dale would like to see the new album go platinum (us too!) and make sure he doesn't start smoking again.
Mike resolves to listen to more music.  Right on Mike!

Shania has once again asked our favorite guys to join her on the road.  Congrats to the guys for being so good she wanted them back!!!  Look for them to catch up with her in April for about 3 months. Check back for updated tour schedule.

Last One Standing is getting lots of airplay lately.  We have caught it on VH1 Country, GAC and now CMT.  You can vote for it at and at  Go place your votes today!!

Last One Standing debuted at #46 on the Billboard charts even tho it's not officially released to radio until Tuesday.  Seems like a good sign for a great song.

VCR ALERT!!!!  Well, it's been awhile, but you can catch ED on TV alot this week. Your first chance to see them will be on a new GAC program called Country Music Across America.  It debuts Tues at 10PM.  Check out to see when it replays.  It will repeat alot during the week so make sure you catch it!  Also look for Last One Standing to make it's video debut on CRL on Wed at 5PM.  CRL will repeat at 9PM on the same day.

Look for Emerson Drive in the Jan/Feb issue of Country Music Today.  They are featured in the Hottest Tours of the Year section!!!  I have to agree with that. They are definitely the hottest show I've seen all year. ;-)

Wanna go on a trip with Emerson Drive?  Well here's your chance. Go here: for details.

Both Fall Into Me and Only God made the Radio and Records year end chart.  FIM came in at 27 and Only God came in at 78 for the year. 

Well, there is alot of news today because we have been having trouble with tripod and were unable to update anything.  So we are just gonna add any news over the month today.  Sorry to all for the delay.
Well, it looks like the next single Last One Standing has been pushed back to the end of January 2004.  So listen for that at the end of the month.
Looks like the "official" Emerson Drive site launch date has been pushed back again.  Look for that by the end of the year.  I am certain we will all love it!
Congratulations are going out to Dale Wallace for winning the British Columbia Country Music Association International Award for his keyboard playing. Way to go Dale! 
Ever wonder what your favorite guys are doing for the holidays?  Here ya go!

Brad will be spending time with his family and friends and relaxing at his parents' cabin.
Patrick will be spending time with his family and friends as well.
Mike will be snowboarding, playing music, visiting family and friends and a trip to Mexico.
Danick will be staying home with family.

Dale will be skiing and surfing.
Dave will be home with his family and dogs and maybe going to Europe!

Emerson Drive is fully into the Shania tour now and very very busy. There are alot of dates scheduled between now and the end of the year so try and catch the UP! tour when it comes to your town.  The UP! tour will be your last chance to catch the guys this year. Check out the tour page for all the UP! dates.

According to, Dreamworks Records has been sold to Universal.  The acquisition will take place in January 2004.  Emerson Drive's manager, Chris, assures us that nothing will change in regards to the band's future. 

If you want to hear the guys' performance from last night's show at the Opry, just click on and then go to archives for all shows.  They begin at about 1h 19m into the show.  They played the song that is to be their new single, Last One Standing, Silver Wings and ISBS.  If you have not had the chance to see them live then you haven't caught Silver Wings yet and let me just say they are absolutely AMAZING on that song.  Check it out!

How would you like to own a doodle personally "doodled" by the guys of Emerson Drive?  Now's your chance.  Just go to and place your bid.  You will also be helping the Hattie Larlham foundation.  This is a local foundation here in NE Ohio that helps mentally disabled adults and children.  If you live in the area, you can view the auction on PAX 23 from 2 to 6 PM.  Check out the site to place your bid and see who else has doodles up for bid.

Check out the 40 Greatest Drinking Songs on CMT where you can catch a very quick tidbit with Brad and Dale.  Look for Brad to talk during songs 31 and 30.  Check CMT for times, as I am sure it will be played many times over the weekend.

Did you get to catch the guys on the Opry last weekend?  If not, or if you did, but would like to listen again, you can go to and go to archives.  You can listen to both shows. The first set comes in at about 31 minutes and the second set comes in at about 3h 48m. Both sets are different and equally wonderful, so check it out!.

VCR ALERT!!  It seems the guys are going to be spending alot of time on TV in the coming weeks.  Set your VCR for November 3rd.  The guys will be making another TV appearance when they visit the set of CRL.

Well the guys were great as usual last night on the Opry.  With new clothes and new haircuts, they looked as good as they sounded.  If you missed the live show, you can still catch it in reruns on Sunday at 1 and 6PM and Tuesday at 8 and 11PM.  All times are Eastern.

Congrats to the guys for being asked to tour with Shania on the second half of her US tour. They will begin that part of the tour on November 21.  Check it out! Due to that tour, there will be some other dates changed. We will be updating the tour page this weekend.

VCR ALERT!!! Danick and Brad recently paid a visit to Lorianne Crook's new show Celebrity Kitchen.  You can catch their episode on October 29 on GAC.  It airs at 11AM and 7 PM EST.

If you are interested in purchasing the CD single for Waitin' On Me, you can preorder it at .  It's pretty cheap there.  Less than $3 CAN and only a little over $2 US, plus shipping.

If you haven't already watched the videos on Dave's site, please make sure you do that.  Just go to and click on videos for 6 clips from the concert in Dansville, NY. 

Don't forget to watch the guys on TLC's A Makeover Story tomorrow at 12:30E time.  The guests were being made over to attend the Flameworthy Awards and the guys were also at the Flameworthies and will be seen on the show.

The guys have been asked back to the Grand Ole Opry.  They will be there for the third time on October 25th for both shows.  Don't forget you can now catch the Opry on GAC instead of CMT.  They will also be performing on the Opry on Tuesday, November 4th when the Opry will return to the Ryman Auditorium in downtown Nashville.

The Waitin On Me single will be available for purchase as of November 4th in Canada.  As soon as we know where you can purchase it, we will have it on the site.  Keep checking back.

Waitin' On Me is officially the new single from Emerson Drive, but it is only being played on Canadian radio currently.  It's time to start emailing your local stations and asking for the song.  Let's get those US stations playing it.  If you live in the US, you can still hear the song, by streaming a Canadian radio station.   I have been listening to CISN for quite some time and have been lucky enough to hear WOM on there a few times. Here's a couple links to try out: ,  and .  If you have a station that is playing WOM and streams, please let us know and we will be happy to add a link for those ED fans not lucky enough to be able to hear the song on the radio.

Well it looks like Only God has officially ended its chart run on both Radio and Records and Billboard chart. Let's hope that the next single makes it into the Top 20!

Good News! The guys have been chosen to be the opening act for Shania Twain for some of her Canadian Dates.  This is a great opportunity for them to gain exposure since they will be playing huge venues.  Check the tour schedule for the dates.

Well it looks like Only God has finished it's chart run. It falls two spots this week to #23 on the R&R chart and completely falls off of the Billboard chart. That means a new single is on the way soon and we need to help it do better than Only God.

Congratulations go out to the guys for being named Group of the Year by the Canadian Country Music Association for the second year!  Way to go guys.  Congrats also go out to former member Chris Hartman for being named keyboardist of the year. Great job Chris!

Don't forget to watch the CCMA's tomorrow night on CMT at  8 P.M. EST. The guys are nominated for Group of the Year.  Patrick, Danick and Mike are have individual nominations for their instruments and Gerry is nominated for Manager of the Year.  We wish them all the best of luck!

For week ending 9/6, Only God remained in the #21 spot on the Radio and Records chart.

Watch the guys on TLC's A Makeover Story on Monday, October 13, 2003 at 12:30pm EST.

Keep requesting Only God on your local stations.  For week ending 8/29, Only God stayed at #21 on R&R and dropped back again to #24 on Billboard.  This song is too great to top out in the 20's.  We need to at least make it a top 20 song.

Only God moved up to 21 this week on the R&R and one spot to 23 on the Billboard.

Only God moved up one spot to 24 on the Billboard and went down one spot to 22 on the R&R and it is currently at #20 on the GAC Top 20.

If you haven't already been there, head over to and vote for the guys in the CW Fan Favorite Awards.  They are nominated for Best Group and Best New Artist.  These awards are strictly fan-voted, so make your vote count today.  First round voting lasts until  August 19.  You can also pick up a copy of the new Country Weekly for a mail-in ballot.

Only God stayed at #21 on the R&R charts for this week.  It dropped down one spot this week to #26 on the Billboard chart.   It also dropped one spot to #13 on GAC's Top Twenty. 

Only God moved up to #21 on the Radio and Records chart for week ending 8/1!!!  That is a big jump from last week. It should hit the top 20 next week.  It moved back up to #25 on the Billboard charts.  Let's keep this song going in the right direction. Also, the video is at #12 on GAC's Top Twenty for the week.

Only God stayed at #25 for week ending 7/25 on the Radio and Records chart.  And unfortunately, it dropped one spot on the Billboard chart to #28.  Keep requesting it. We need to get this song moving up a little faster.

Great News!!! The CCMA nominations have been announced and ED has been nominated for Group of the Year.  They also received All Star Band nominations in the following categories:
 Mike Melancon (drums)
 Danick Dupelle (guitar)
 Pat Allingham (fiddle)
 Patrick Bourque (bass guitar)
 Chris Hartman (keyboards)
Also, congratulations to Gerry who is nominated for Manager of the Year and to Steven Goldmann who is nominated for Director of the Year for Only God.
Congratulations guys, you have all worked so hard this year and it is great to see that recognized by the industry.
For a complete list of nominations go to:

Only God moved up one spot to #25 on the Radio and Records chart. It held at #27 on Billboard.

If you don't already have it, run out and grab a copy of the new Country Weekly.  There's a great pic of the guys in there taken at their first Fan Club Party.  It's the July 22 issue with Tim and Kenny on the cover. Get one before there gone!

This was a good chart week for Only God.  It moved up one spot to #26 on the Radio and Records Chart and up four spots to #27 on Billboard.  Continue to request it on your local station.  Head over to and to vote for the video too.

Only God held at #27 for week ending 7/4 on  the Radio and Records chart and moved up one spot to #31 on Billboard. It moved up one spot to 32 on the ACC Top 40 and it moved from 33 to 29 on the Roughstock countdown. It moved up to #15 on GAC's Top Twenty videos for the week also.

Happy Canada Day!!!!  The guys had  to spend the holiday driving across the country.

For week ending June 27, Only God has moved up to #27 on the R&R chart.  It has moved up one spot to #32 on Billboard and up two spots to #18 on GAC's Top Twenty Videos.

Wow!!!! Good chart news for week ending 6/20, Only God has moved up 4 spots to #29 on the R&R chart!!!  It also moved from up to #33 on the Billboard chart.   And everyone make sure to tune into Country Countdown USA with Lon Helton this weekend.  He will have a couple of very special co-hosts, Brad Mates and Dale Wallace. Check your local listings to find out when this show airs.

For the week ending 6/14, Only God has moved from 34 to 33 on the R&R and from 37 to 35 on the Roughstock Countdown. It is currenty at #19 on the GAC Top 20 so keep voting at to get it to #1.

Official Statement About Pat Allingham's Departure From The Band
Here is the statement from Emerson Drive and management about Pat Allingham leaving the band...

"The decision by Pat Allingham to leave Emerson Drive was a tough one yet mutually agreed upon by all the members of the band. We all wish the best for Pat and his new family as he returns to Canada to pursue an education in the medical field. We are excited to introduce David Pichette from Montreal Quebec, Canada as our new fiddle player. Emerson Drive is enthusiastic about their full summer schedule and we are looking forward to continuing to present country music fans with a fantastic show."

Well we are finally back from Fan Fair, which was a complete blast! It was nice to meet other ED fans down there. Did you catch ED on the GOO on Saturday, June 7? If you missed it, be sure to check out where you can listen to the show online. Emerson Drive was all around town last week and were very well received. Look for more details and pictures coming soon from the Wildhorse show, the softball game, the Riverfront show, the Fan Club party and the convention center.

Well the rumors of Pat leaving the band are true. Pat has decided to leave the band to spend more time with his new family. Although Pat will be missed, we wish him all the best. We would like to welcome David to the band and if you see the guys, please make sure you make him feel welcome as well. He is an amazingly talented person and seems to fit right in with the rest of them.

After falling off of the ACC Top 40, Only God was back at 38 for week ending 6/7. It slipped from 13 to 18 on the GAC Top 20 for W/E 6/6. Make sure you are requesting both the song and the video. We need to get this song going up.

Well we all knew they could do it and we were proven right last night. Congratulations to the guys for winning Top New Group of the Year. This is the first of many ACM awards. If you missed it, here's what Brad had to say: "We want to thank the ACMs for letting us be a part of this whole experience, country radio for playing our music, our fans for listening to us, and we want to thank this great country for letting us have an opportunity to share our music with everybody."

Well Only God slipped on GAC's Top Twenty down to number 13!!!!!!!  Keep voting and let's get it back up there.  We all know this is an awesome song.  On the R&R chart, it has moved back up to #37 for this week.

Check out for a new interview with Brad.

Only God has slipped to #38 on the Radio and Records chart.  Make sure you are calling your local stations and requesting it.   But on the bright side, it has moved up to #4 on the GAC Top Twenty!

After just a few weeks, Only God has moved all the way to #8 on the GAC Top 20!!!!! Also, check out the new issue of Country Weekly with Martina on the cover for a pic of the guys and some info about the ACM's.

Only God has moved up one spot to #37 on the Radio and Records chart and is #42 on Billboard's Hot Country Chart. It is also being played quite alot on GAC and moved up to #13 on their Top Twenty Countdown.

Only God is moving up the R&R Country Chart pretty quickly, it is 38 this week!! The video is at #16 on the GAC Top 20 and it is back on the VH1 Country Chart at #20.

Only God has moved up 2 spots to #52 on the Billboard and from 46 to 43 on the R&R. 

Only God debuts on the Radio and Records chart this week at #48.  It also moves up 2 spots to #54 on the Billboard chart.  And be on the lookout for Only God on CMT this week. They now have it on their rotation.

Great news, Only God had made it's debut on the GAC Top 20 this week at #20 and it is #17 on the VH1 Country Top 20. 

Have you picked up the new Country Weekly yet??  If not, what are you waiting for?  You will find all kinds of ED stuff in the mag.  For starters there is a nice big picture and article in the middle of the mag.  ED fans won't want to miss this issue.  There are also a few other ED related items throughout the mag.   Get it while you can.

Only God has moved up 11 spots this week to #56 on Billboard's Hot Country Chart.  Keep requesting this song and get it played on your local station.

We just wanted to say Good Luck to Chris and Welcome to Dale.  Although it was a sad time for all ED fans to learn of Chris' decision to leave the band, we know that Dale will be a great addition.  We had the opportunity to see Dale perform this weekend, and thought he did a great job.

Well Only God is out now and I hope your station is playing it.  Keep requesting it from your local stations.  This is the number one song the guys have been waiting for.  Right now, it is sitting at #65 on the Billboard chart.

Only God made its debut on GAC Friday and as to be expected, it is a great video. Go to and vote for the video for the GAC top 20. Lets take it to number 1!!!!!

Ok, if you haven't already checked out the new footage over at go over there NOW!! Do not hesitate. This is the funniest ED footage I have ever seen. You will need to watch it a few times to catch everything that you miss while you are laughing so hard. haha  If you are not yet a member, you can sign up for free and then just follow the links to view the footage.

Congratulations to the guys for making the final ballot of the Flameworthy Awards.  The guys are nominated for Flameworthy Breakthrough Video of the Year.  Go to and cast your vote today.

Today is the long awaited day.  Only God should be at your local radio stations today.  Make sure you call and request it!

Congrats to the guys who have received a nomination for Top New Vocal Duo/Group for the 2003 ACM awards which are going to be aired on May 21st.

Well, we have had trouble updating lately, so there are a couple of things to add.  First of all, Congratulations to the guys for being nominated for two Juno Awards!! The Junos are the Canadian equivalent to the Grammys.   That is big news for the guys.  Also, FIM has reached the top spot on the CMT Canada Countdown.  And, if you still have not voted for the Flameworthy Awards ( and we can't imagine why you wouldn't have), head over to and cast your vote today.  And lastly, get ready to chat with the boys from Emerson Drive tomorrow night at 9 p.m. EST.  See you there! 

For week ending 2/14/03 FIM is at #9 on the Billboard Hot Country Charts, #8 on Radio and Records and #15 on CMT's Top Twenty Countdown.

Well the time has arrived.  Everyone get over to and vote for the guys for the Flameworthy Awards. You can vote in the first round until March 9.  FIM is nominated for Breakthrough Video and also Group/Duo video.  Let's all go vote and get the guys the recognition that they work so hard for and we all know they deserve.  The results will be televised on CMT on April 7.

If you haven't stopped by recently, get on over there and check out the members section. There is lots of cool new footage.  There are small clips of each of the guys during the filming of FIM. Also, if you are a member of the dreamteam and have not yet checked out the phone call from Brad, please head over to where you can listen in on a call that Brad made to winner Kay.  And lastly, head on over to where you can read a new article that the guys did.

Well, unfortunately, it looks like FIM has finished moving up the charts.  For last week, FIM was #4 on Billboard, #4 on Radio and Records and dropped 2 spots on the CMT Top Twenty to #7.  But, be ready to start requesting Only God (Could Stop Me Loving  You) beginning March 10.

Get your VCR's ready, ED fans.  Emerson Drive will be on CMT's MWL next Saturday, February 8, 2003.   They will be performing their upcoming single, Only God (Could Stop Me Loving You).

Well this was not such a great chart week for FIM.  Unfortunately, FIM fell down to #3 on Radio and Records and #4 on Billboard Hot Country Charts.  After moving up to the #1 spot last week on CMT's Top Twenty Countdown, FIM fell back to #5 this week. It looks like the rise to the top for FIM may be over, but we are really looking forward to Only God taking the country music industry my storm and blasting to the top.

More chart news.  FIM moved up one spot to #2 this week on R&R and held at #3 on Billboard.  Also, great news for the video.  It moved into the number one spot on CMT's Top Twenty Countdown. 

FIM stayed at #3 this week on Billboard's Hot Country Chart and moved up to #3 on Radio and Records!!  That is great news. Now we just need to keep requesting FIM and knock George and Mark outta the top! We can  keep FIM on the charts and keep it moving up if we keep requesting.

FIM moved up this week to number 3 on Billboard!!!!  That is great news.  2 more spots to number 1.  FIM is number 5 on the R&R chart and stayed at number 3 on the CMT Top Twenty.   Okay, everyone, last week FIM was moving back up the charts on GAC and this week it has fallen back off. Get over there and cast your vote.  Go to and let them know what the best video out there is.

FIM is number 3 this week on CMT's Top Twenty.  FIM moved up one spot to #15 on GAC's Top Twenty Countdown. The Billboard chart is now unfrozen and for the week of Jan 4, FIM held at #5.  

Great News!! ISBS is #15 on the Radio & Records year end chart which lists the top 50 singles of 2002.  Also, FIM moved up 1 spot to #6 on the Roughstock countdown.

Be sure to check out the new Country Weekly with Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw on the cover.  The guys are mentioned in the Breakouts section on page 41. The article is about the new artists that have had success this year.

According to this is how the guys plan to spend their Christmas.

EMERSON DRIVE - Brad Mates (lead vocals) - "The Christmas holidays are my favorite time of year because I get to spend time with my family and friends, they are the most important thing in my life. Having a great support foundation is more special than any present at Christmas!"

Chris Hartman (keyboards) - "I plan on visiting with my family as much as I can, especially since I haven't seen them in over a year. I hope to do a little skiing in the mountains and drink as many of my mother's Christmas slushies as possible!"

Danick Dupelle (guitar) - "I'll get together with all of my family and enjoy some home cooked turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes! I'm planning on getting together with my friends back home and watching a few movies, especially 'The Lord of the Rings.' The holidays are a time for me to relax and get ready for the New Year; I'm looking forward to being busy again!"

Mike Melancon (drums) - "I'm going to spend some time with my Mom, Dad and sister because I haven't been home to see them in about 9 months. I'm also going to eat a lot of food, catch up on my sleep and relax! I'm looking forward to spending some time on the ski slopes snowboarding too!"

Pat Allingham (fiddle) - "I plan on visiting my family and relaxing. I may even go over to Vancouver Island for a week and visit my best friend who I haven't seen in a year. Hopefully I'll be able to do some fishing and I also plan on drinking lots of spiced rum and eggnog!"

Patrick Bourque (bass) - "The greatest thing about Christmas is that I get to see all of my relatives and friends. Hopefully I'll be able to go skiing and snowboarding too!"

The results are in at for the 50 best videos of the year.  Sadly, FIM did not get voted into the top 50, but ISBS is number 45.

I had thought that last weeks Billboard numbers were going to be the last for the year because of the chart freeze but I decided to check the chart anyways, and I am sooooo excited to say that FIM has moved from #8 to #5 on the billboard.  So it looks like ED is going to end the year with a top 5 single!!!!!!!!!!

Great News!!! R&R has named ED Top New Country Artist for 2002!!!!!! ED has rocked in 2002, way to go guys!!!!

Country Radio Seminar Taps Five Acts
Five country newcomers have received the call to perform during the New Faces Show at the upcoming Country Radio Seminar. Steve Azar, Tammy Cochran, Kellie Coffey, Emerson Drive and Joe Nichols will perform the private concert for a crowd of country radio programmers -- the folks who decide which songs are played on their stations. Country Radio Seminar takes place Feb. 19-21 in Nashville. (Courtesy of

The Blue Chip Radio Report released the top 100 singles of 2002 this week,  ISBS is #49 and FIM is #50.  That is awesome...out of all the songs released this year both of ED's singles are in the top 50. Woohooo!!! Way to go guys!!!  For a complete list of songs go to  Also, FIM moved up 1 spot to #6 on the R&R this week.  I will continue to update this section as more chart info is released.

Head over to to read the latest letter of the week. This weeks letter is from Chris.

Just a heads up for everyone.  Make sure you are keeping your TVs tuned to GAC. FIM is on heavy rotation so there are lots and lots of chances to see it coming up.  Today FIM was played SEVEN times!!!! Tomorrow, FIM will be played SIX times.  ISBS is still being played as well, once on both days.  Also, if you haven't voted yet, get on over to and vote for ISBS and FIM in the Top 50 video countdown. Today is the last day to vote. 

Well the chart year has come to a close.  On the list of most played songs of the year by Monitor Magazine ISBS ranked at #22 and FIM ranked at #66.  

Good news this week everyone!!  Fall Into Me has stayed at Number 8 on Billboard,  moved up one spot to number 7 on the Radio and Records chart,  2 spots to #7 on the Roughstock countdown and 2 spots to #8 on the American Country Countdown. FIM has moved up to #5 on the CMT Top 20 and it is currently #16 on the GAC Top 20 and #13 on the VH1 Country Countdown.  Way to go guys!  Everyone keep requesting FIM.

Well everyone if you haven't already been there, head on over to and vote for the guys' videos for the Top 50 videos!!!  Both ISBS and FIM are in the running.  Let's get both videos on the list.

I have lots of good news for the chart info this week, Fall Into Me is flying up the charts!!! FIM moved from #10 to #8 this week on the Billboard Singles Chart and the R&R. It has moved up 4 spots to #9 on the Roughstock countdown, from #8 to #7 on the Blue Chip Radio Report and it is #10 on the American Country Countdown. FIM has moved all the way up to #6 on the CMT Top 20. Wooohoooo!!!!!!!  It is also #6 on our local radio station's Top 40 :-)  So close to #1.....Way to go guys!!!!!!!!! Take it to the top

Well there is good news and bad news this week. First the good news. Fall Into Me is sitting at number 10 this week on both the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart and the Radio & Records Country Chart.  That is great news! Two singles released from their debut album and both have been top 10 hits!! Way to go guys!  Let's keep on requesting FIM at your local stations and help it pass ISBS on the charts.  FIM also moved up one spot to number 7 on the CMT Top Twenty Countdown.  Now for the unforunate news, FIM dropped off of the GAC countdown. Everyone get over to GAC and vote today.  Let's get FIM back in the countdown where it belongs.

Ok, I don't know how we missed this before, but today I read a letter from Danick and one from Brad on the Dreamworks site.  So everyone get over there and see what these boys have to say!!  Check it out at .  Just scroll down till you find each letter.  Looks like this is a weekly thing, so make sure you check back for future letters from the rest of the guys.

Well FIM is headed back in the right direction on the GAC and CMT countdowns.  Keep voting everyone so we can get them to the top.  This week on GAC Top Twenty, FIM comes in at 16, up two spots from last week.  It also moved up one spot this week to number 8 on CMT Top Twenty.  Fall Into Me continues to climb the other national charts. It has moved up 2 spots to #11 on the Billboard Country Singles Chart this week and up 1 spot to #13 on the American Country Countdown. FIM remains at #11 on the CMT Country Countdown USA, and #14 on the Roughstock countdown. Way to go guys!!!

Emerson Drive will be calling in on "All Nite with Danny Wright" on December 10th. Be sure to catch it!  They will be calling into the Lia Knight show on the same day. 

Here is just a little bit of chart info for the week:  Fall Into Me has moved up 2 spots to #14 on the American Country Countdown, 1 spot to #13 on the Billboard Country Singles Chart, and up 2 spots to #11 on the R&R Chart.  FIM is #18 this week on the GAC Top 20 so we really really need to vote them back up the charts. They are #9 on the CMT Top 20 this week. 

In just 19 weeks on the charts, FIM has moved up to #14 on the Billboard's "Hot Country Singles" chart. FIM has moved up 2 spots to #16 on the Roughstock Countdown and 4 spots to #16 on the American Country Countdown.  It has stayed at #13 on the R&R  Getting closer to #1..... Way to go guys!!!!

FIM moved up one spot to # 8 this week on the CMT countdown.  On the GAC Top 20,  FIM leaped 3 spots to #12!!! 

Fall Into Me moved up to #16 on Billboard this week and stayed at #13 on Radio & Records chart. Way to go guys!  #1 is right around the corner.

The guys are gearing up to start a tour with Trick Pony.  This should be a great tour with a couple of very high energy bands and should give the guys some great exposure.  Check the tour page to see if this tour is coming to your area.

After falling one spot on GAC last week to 16,  FIM moved back up to 15 this week.  Way to go guys.  You are headed back in the right direction.   They also moved up to #9 on the CMT Top 20 countdown.  Keep on voting on GAC!


Emerson Drive performs at Grey Cup!

All of Canada will be tuned it to watch the 90th Canadian Grey Cup on November 24th in Edmonton, Alberta.  Emerson Drive will be performing at the pre-game show that kicks off the event and Adam Gregory will before the national anthem just before kick off.  Shania Twain will be entertaining the fans during the halftime show.  Tickets are $80.00, $140.00 or $165.00 and can be purchased by calling (780) 448-3757 in Edmonton or (800) 667-3757 outside of Edmonton.

The new Dreamworks Nashville site and the Dreamworks Dreamteam site have both been updated.  Check them out.  Check the links page for the direct link to each site.

Fall Into Me has moved up to #13 on the CMT Top 20.  It is at #12 this week on the GAC Top 20 and #25 on the American Country Countdown Top 40. 

The guys moved up to #11 on the GAC top 20 countdown this week.  They also moved up to #14 on the CMT top 20 coutdown.  Way to go guys!

Congratulations guys on your CCMA Awards!!
Here is the list of awards that E-Drive received at this years CCMA's
*Rising Star Award
*Group of The Year
*Chris Hartman-Best Keyboard Player
*Mike Melancon-Best Drummer
*Jeff Loberg-Best Bass Player

Fall Into Me debuted at #20 on the CMT Top 20 Countdown this week.

Fall Into Me jumped all the way to #8 on the GAC top 20! Way to go guys!!!

Fall Into Me debuted at # 19 on the GAC Top 20 this week. Keep voting and soon it will be #1.

Check out the newest edition of Country Weekly for an article with the guys!  It's the one with the Chicks on the cover.

The guys are on the Semifinal ballot for the Country Weekly Fan Favorite Awards. You can vote for them in two categories, Favorite New Artist, and Favorite Group. You can vote one time per email address at this link:

Yes it is sad but true. Jeff has made the decision to leave the band.  This came as a complete shock to us when we saw the guys perform on August 10th.  We thought that maybe the new bass player, Patrick Bourque, was a fill in, but we were filled in after the show that he was a permanent replacement.  He seems to be a very nice guy. Although, we are going to miss Jeff and things will not be the same without him, we would like to welcome Patrick to the group.  He is an awesome bass player and we wish him luck with the band.  We would also like to wish Jeff good luck with his songwriting.

Congratulations to the guys on their nominations for the CCMAs.  Here's what they have been nominated for:
Single of the Year-            I Should Be Sleeping
Album of the Year-           Emerson Drive
CMT Video of the Year-   I Should Be Sleeping
Rising Star Award
Group or Duo of the Year
Also Congratulations go out to
Gerry Leiske for Manager of the Year nomination.
And individual nominations go out to:
Jeff Loberg-           Bass
Mike Melancon-    Drums
Danick Dupelle-     Guitar
Chris Hartman-      Keyboards
Patrick Allingham-  Fiddle
Congratulations guys!  We are very proud of you.  You deserve all of your nominations.  We know you will be bringing home awards on September 9. 
For a complete listing of all of the nominees go to .


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